Farming Practices


Biodynamic farming is an organic farming method that helps us tap into Mother Nature's own services rather than buying expensive inputs for growing tasty wine grapes and pasture. Like other organic approaches, biodynamic avoids the use of factory-made fertilizers and pesticides. But different from any other organic method, biodynamic comes with a powerful guide for making and using natural soil and light amendments, called Biodynamic Preparations. Made by fermenting/composting different plant and animal materials together, the 9 biodynamic preparations help summon and coordinate all the partners that a healthy, resilient plant depends on to thrive. Fungi, soil critters, moon, bacteria, carbon, stars, other plants, nitrogen, rocks, sun, water, light, you name it! They're all partners in the crop's support system, and the biodynamic preps help foster this support system!

We started making biodynamic compost and applying the biodynamic preparations in 2006. Since then we've observed a remarkable improvement in soil and light quality, farm biodiversity, plant and livestock behavior, and product taste! Come see and taste for yourself!