MEll Vodka is Jack Rabbit Hill’s no-nonsense answer for restaurants and bars looking for a great tasting WEll Vodka at a great price. A Colorado leader in workhorse vodka since 2009, MEll now sets a new standard in the US spirits industry with MEll Zero Waste, a no-cost returnable bottle service for restaurants and bars.

MEll Zero Waste takes the industry back to the future, when we all bought milk in reusable glass bottles delivered and picked up by the local milkman. It’s as simple as that. Same great taste, same great 1L bottle, but now at fraction of the environmental impact of trashing or even recycling.

Of course recycling is lots better than pitching bottles in the trash bin. But while recycling saves on raw material inputs, recycling does little in terms of energy conservation. According to a report by the National Renewable Labs, It takes practically as much energy to make a recycled bottle as it does a bottle from raw material! A reused bottle has a tiny fraction of the energy intensity of a recycled bottle. It’s as simple as that!

Pour MEll Zero Waste, and raise a toast to Mother Nature!